Saturday, September 14, 2013

Nokia Lumia 1020

Why You’ll Like It Speaking of smartphone cameras, the one on the Lumia 1020 is the best of the best. At 41 megapixels, with killer optics and advanced software, the Lumia 1020 camera is awesome in just about every way. If you want a change of pace from the Android and iOS duopoly, the Lumia 1020 runs Windows Phone 8, a respectable operating system that is the epitome of “flat” design with its Hubs & Tiles interface. Why You Won’t Outside of the camera, the Lumia 1020 is kind of mediocre. The body is fairly big and the 41-megapixel camera on back creates a bit of a bump. Then there is Windows Phone 8. It's a decent operating system, but it can sometimes be difficult to find what you're looking for (like basic settings). In terms of apps, the Windows Phone Marketplace lags both Android’s Google Play store and Apple’s App Store in volume, quality and number of top app publishers using the platform (there's no official Instagram app, for instance).

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